Annabelle creation is the follow up to the 2014 blockbuster “Annabelle”. The movie was created by the same team behind the first “Annabelle” and takes place in “The Conjuring” universe. The second installment is a prequel and follows the story of toy maker Sam Mullins and his wife Esther who lost there daughter in a tragic car accident 12 years ago. They invite a nun and six orphaned girls into there home after the orphanage was closed. One of the girls finds a doll named “Annabelle” hidden away. But evil is lurking in the toy makers doll who possesses the girl.

How was the movie?

I thought the first “Annabelle” was decent movie. But it was a little slow paced and it didn’t really scare me. The second installment “Annabelle Creation” was a little better than the first movie. It was still very slow paced but it did manage to provide some good scares. These type of movies are more about atmosphere and building up the suspense. The doll never even moves and it is just not that scary to me (the other stuff is fun and scary but not the doll). I am also a little confused how the doll came to be possessed and why it’s hidden away. The movie has a creepy atmosphere but the story and the characters need work. I know they’re trying to build up suspense but this movie is so quite at times you can hear a pin drop. If you are a fan of the first “Annabelle” or these type of movies then you will like “Annabelle Creation”. If you like your horror movies a little more intense and fast paced then I would skip it.

Was Annabelle Creation worth the 4DX price?

The 4DX effects in “Annabelle Creation” were good but a little underwhelming. Due to the setting of the movie there are no environmental effects except wind. When they did use the 4DX it was used subtly and effectively. Highlights include riding in the car on a dirt road. Some of my favorite 4DX effects are the small ones and it really felt like I was riding in the car. The camera work also included a lot of slow panning. The seats are synced to the movement so it feels like you are panning in a circle and up and down. This is one of my favorite and one of most immersive features of the 4DX seats. Of course there were also some good scares which is perfect for 4DX movies because it provides other elements to help scare you. The scares are one of the best reasons to see a horror movie in 4DX! I also liked the strobe effects for flashing light bulbs which helped create a creepy atmosphere. If you love these types of movies then the 4DX will be fun but not amazing!

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