Baby is a young and talented getaway driver who listens to his music to escape and drive. A crime boss uses Baby as the getaway driver to pull off his heists. Baby frequents a local diner where he meets a waitress named Deborah and they quickly hit it off. All Baby wants is to be done with his life of crime and escape with the woman of his dreams. But he learns that getting away from it all is not that easy.

Baby Driver 4DX Review

How Was the Movie?

So this is usually not my type of movie and it was not in 3D. But I did enjoy the movie more than I thought I would. This is mostly an action movie with high speed chases. But it does have some style to it, a decent story and a great soundtrack. This movie offers something different in the sea of summer blockbusters. If you are fan of these type of movies, then you are sure to like it.

Was Baby Driver 4DX Worth the Price?

We had some trouble with our 4DX seats for about the first 20 minutes so I can’t review the beginning. Regal gave us all readmission ticket for any 4DX feature, so I really can’t complain. The 4DX effects were lacking in some spots. I noticed little things they could have done to use it more. Since this is an action movie with lots of driving, most of the 4DX were the moving seats and gunfire. I have to say the movie was more enjoyable when the 4DX effects started. There is no 3D though which is a bummer. If this is your type of movie then go for the 4DX. If you are looking for a movie to showcase all the 4DX effects, then wait for another feature.

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