Everyone’s favorite wisecracking, foullmouthed, neighborhood mutant mercenary is back! Deadpool 2 follows Wade Wilson as he teams up with some fellow mutants (Shatterstar, Domino & Bedlam) to save a boy with supernatural powers from a time traveling mutant named Cable.

How was the movie?

I really enjoyed the first Deadpool movie! It was action packed, had a good story, was super funny, very gory and was rated R. Everything I love in a movie! Deadpool 2 was a lot of fun but I think I liked the first movie a slightly better. With that said, Deadpool 2 still delivers what is set out to accomplish. A fun filled, over the top comic book movie with a fun story, plenty of action and lot of laughter. If I had one criticism I was NOT a fan of the mutant boy Deadpool was protecting. But other than that it was a blast! I love movie’s that don’t take them selves to serious and Deadpool does not take anything serious. No Marvel character is safe from being mocked and ridiculed (just ask Wolverine). With all the superhero Movies out there, I think Deadpool has something different to offer and I like it.

Was Deadpool 2 4DX worth the price?

The 4DX effects for Deadpool 2 were a lot of fun and definitely enhanced the movie viewing experience. There was actually a wide variety of effects that were used throughout the movie and the effects were spot on. I think the 4DX was used creatively and helped to draw you into the movie. Some of my favorite 4dx effects are the subtle ones like the wind blowing while your seat is panning, riding in a helicopter or the wind from an airplane landing. Ash effects, lightning, water and smoke were all used effectively along with plenty of action in the seats. Deadpool 2 is pretty gory and one of my favorite 4DX effects is when blood splatters as water shoots across your face. That is a always a fun effect and catches you off guard. It is also fun when they slip in some 4DX effects during comedic moments. I think Deadpool 2 was a fun movie and 4DX effects were great. If you are a Marvel or Deadpool fan (or just like funny, R-rated, action movies) then check out Deadpool 2 in 4DX.

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