10 years after the death of John Cramer (Jigsaw), dead bodies start showing up that look Suspicially like the work of Jigsaw. Once again a group of unsuspecting wrongdoers must play a sadistic game to save their lives. Who is behind these gruesome crimes and how can they be stopped?

How was the movie?

I liked the first couple SAW movies and thought they were unique and intense. But then they started releasing one every Halloween and the concept was basically the same movie over and over. The last saw movie was Saw 3D: The Final Chapter in 2010. This is the 8th SAW movie and it’s very much the same formula with really nothing new to offer. What else can I say? I’ts another SAW movie. But if you loved all the other SAW movies, then you will like Jigsaw.

Was Jigsaw 4DX worth the price?

I wasn’t excited about another SAW film but it’s in 4DX so we thought we would give Jigsaw 4DX a shot. The 4DX effects were good but I thought they could have been used way more. I also miss the 3D! Saw 3D: The Final Chapter was actually shot in 3D and had good 3D effects. None of the 4DX effects really stood out for me. Except for the water sprays that mimic blood splatters which is one of the best effects for gory horror movies. But they could have used that more frequently too. It is a fun thrill ride but I feel like I’ve been there and done that. On a side note, the smoke canons were just maintenanced. But the right cannon still wasn’t working right. And once again no scents! I wish they would actually utilize this feature and I’m beginning to wonder if they ever use it. The movie is the same as every other SAW movie and the 4DX was a little underwhelming. I would say save your money on Jigsaw 4DX.

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