Universal is rebooting their classic movie monsters with the new “Dark Universe”. All of Universal’s classic movie monsters will share the same universe (like Marvel characters). The Mummy is the first in the series. This retelling of “The Mummy” focuses on “Ahmanet”, an Egyptian princess who betrayed and killed her family for evil power to claim her throne. She is captured and mummified while she is alive until she is accidentally released from her tomb in present day Iraq. Now her power grows as she consumes her victims souls and unleashes her armies of undead warriors to reclaim her power.

The Mummy 4DX Review

Was The Mummy A Good Movie?

So I am NOT a fan of Tom Cruise and just tired of watching him! But I was hoping the best for The Mummy. First off I am sick of watered down PG-13 horror movies. They could be so much better if they weren’t worried about how much profit the studio makes. As a matter of fact it probably would have done better if it was rated R. But here we are with another mediocre monster movie and a bad start to Universal’s “Dark Universe”. I am a big horror and monster movie fan so I probably liked it better than the average viewer. I did have fun at the movie but it wasn’t great! I was hoping more for the “Dark Universe”. There are some great action moments and a few scares. If you don’t expect to much you might have fun.

Was The Mummy 4DX Worth the Price?

The Mummy’s 4DX effects were spot on and the 3D was decent. These factors really helped enhance the movie for me! Horror movies are awesome in 4DX and the extremely enhance the scares especially when you’re not expecting them. I love horror movies in 4DX! So this one is a mixed bag for me. The movie was fun but could have been much better. But the 4DX effects were awesome and the 3D was good. If your looking for a fun and scary 4DX feature then go have some fun. If your looking for a movie everyone is raving about, Wonder Woman 4DX is still playing.

The Mummy in 4DX Orlando

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