Spider-Man is swinging into theaters in amazing 4DX! Peter Parker is back home living with Aunt May and Tony Stark (Iron Man) is under his watchful eye. Peter is trying to get adjusted to normal life while trying to embrace his new abilities. BUT the evil Vulture has bigger plans in mind! Can Peter prove himself and defeat the evil that threatens all that he loves?

Spider-Man in 4DX

Enhanced 4DX effects for Spider-Man Homecoming

4DX makers have created a series of special effects for Spider-Man Homecoming that will enhance the 4DX for the most immersive movie going experience available. They will combine 4DX seat movements with environmental effects that are synced with key scenes in the movie. This will create the illusion you are wearing Spider-Man’s high-tech suit. This 4dX movie will feature 18 motion and environmental effects to make you feel like you’re Spider-Man.

Special 4DX Effects for Spiderman

How Was the Movie?

So again I am a little biased here because Spider-Man is my favorite Super Hero. Spider-Man Homecoming is an awesome movie with a grood story, lots of laughs and incredible effects. I was entertained and smiling throughout the movie. This movie has style to it and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Spider-Man Homecoming offers something unique in the sea of superhero movies. This is the must see summer blockbuster and audiences agree.

Was Spider-Man Homecoming 4DX Worth the Price?

The 4DX effects were simply amazing and really took this movie going experience to the next level. The effects were used frequently throughout the movie and even in little subtle ways. The moving seats really compliment Spider-Man swinging through the streets and shooting his webs. The 4DX effects were specially designed to replicate Spider-Man’s high-tech suite and it is very cool. This is the best 4DX feature we have seen to date. They could have used smoke and water effects in a couple more scenes but other than that it was perfect. If you are going to see one 4DX movie this summer, make sure it’s Spider-Man Homecoming. It is worth the 4DX price and it had good 3D. I would pay to see it again!

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