The mighty Thor finds himself imprisoned on the other side of the universe. He is pitted against the Hulk (who has been the Hulk for 2 years now) in a battle to the death. Thor, along with his gang of unusual superheros, must race against time to stop the powerful Hela from destroying his home planet of Asgard.

How was the movie?

In a saturated sea of superhero movies, Thor Ragnarok stands out as a memorable and fun thrill ride. Some other of my favorite recent superhero movies include Deadpool, Spiderman Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy. I really like the setting and art direction of Thor Ragnorak. It is a colorful movie that takes place in another universe on multiple planets. There is a wide variety of cool creatures, demons, inhabitants and superheros which makes it feel very much like an epic futuristic movie. The comic relief is incredible and had the audience laughing throughout the entire movie. I love movies that don’t take them selves too serious and Thor Ragnarok has a good balance of action, effects, story and comedy. Thor Ragnarok felt like a real live action comic book and I will definitely watch it again!

Was Thor Ragnarok 4DX worth the price?

Thor Ragnorak was pretty solid 4DX feature. For some reason every trailer was synced to the beginning 4DX advertisement. So the seats went off like 10 times which was a little annoying. And NO smoke cannons at all this time! Hopefully they get this issue worked out because the smoke is a very immersive effect. After all we are paying a big premium to see these 4DX movies. Just like the movie, Thor Ragnarok 4DX was a fun thrill ride! Each effect helped enhance the movie for me. Thor is the “God of Thunder” so lightning effects were used creatively. There was also a lot of fighting and punches synced to the seat effects which helps you become more immersed in the action. And of course wind effects always make the moment seem epic. Thor Ragnorak 4DX was a great superhero movie worth the 4DX price!

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