Transformers the Last Knight begins by retelling the King Arthur story and how Transformers were involved. A Cybertronian Knight gives Merlin a staff to aid King Arthur and his knights in their losing battle. On present day earth, Transformers have been outcast and are at war with humans. Optimus Prime ends up on his home Planet of Cybertron, only to find it has been destroyed. Qunitessa, a powerful sorceress, corrupts Optimus Prime to destroy earth so Cybertron can live. They must find Merlin’s Staff to save earth!

How Was the Movie?

I have always enjoyed watching the Transformers movies and LOVE the Universal Ride! They are by no means “Cinematic Classics” but rather fun thrill rides. I would say this 5th installment is my least favorite in the franchise. It pretty much follows the same plot as the other movies and offers nothing original. Except I liked the King Arthur era story. I wish the whole movie took place there. The movie was very long and drawn out at almost 2.5 hours. If you know what you’re getting into, you’ll have a good time. If you are looking for that awesome summer blockbuster, this is not it.

Was Transformers the Last Knight 4DX Worth the Price?

Transformers, 3D and 4DX were made for each other! So I was excited about Transformers 4DX. Unfortunately, I thought the 4DX effects were a little underwhelming. They only used the smoke canon effects twice and it barely put out any smoke. The water effects could have been used more too. Except toward the end there was a big battle in the water. That was the best 4DX effects of the movie and pretty cool. I also wish they would use scent more in all the 4DX movies.

The 3D in Transformers the Last Knight was actually pretty good. Many shots and effects were utilized to showcase the 3D and it worked good. With the mediocre movie and the underwhelming 4DX, I would say “Save Your Money”. BUT if you are a big Transformers fan, it has good 3D and the 4DX does enhance the movie.

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