This film is set 2 years after “Dawn for the Planet of the Apes” The Apes are forced into war by an Army of humans who want only one thing, to see the apes destroyed. After losing many apes, Caesar (the apes leader) is fed up and vows to avenge his kind. An epic battle will determine the fate of the planet and the future of both species.

How was the Movie?

I am not a huge fan of “The Planet of the Apes” series. I watched them all, even the old 70’s movies and the TV Show (which was my favorite). I have always found them entertaining but was never excited about it. That said, the movie has a decent story, good effects and the audience seemed to really like it. But again this is NOT my type of movie! I didn’t hate it but if I weren’t reviewing the movie I would have waited for it to air on the movie channels. But if you are a fan of “The Planet of the Apes” movies, then you will like this movie as it is one of the strongest in the series. Great job with the ape animations! It feels like you are watching real apes.

Was War for the Planet of the Apes Worth the 4DX Price?

This was overall a strong 4DX feature. Some of the highlights include wind rain storm effects. This is when the blows from the fans mounted at the top on both sides. The apes live in a cave beneath a waterfall. When they get close to the waterfall you can see the water blowing through the air and it feel like you are near the waterfall. At one point toward the end of the movie the action gets intense. The wind is blowing, snow if falling and blowing in the wind, smoke is swirling around and the seats are shaking. It was awesome and really made you feel like your were in the movie. Be sure to bring a sweatshirt to 4DX features as they can get cold with all the water and wind.

War for the Planet of the Apes has pretty good 4DX effects (not as good as Spider-man though). I noticed they changed the smoke canons again with 2 canons more toward the center. More smoke needs to come out them (especially the right one). The 3D was nothing special and you can tell it was converted in post production. If you are a fan of The Planet of the Apes then the 4DX will certainly enhance your movie going experience.

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