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Transformers the Last Knight 4DX Review

Transformers the Last Knight begins by retelling the King Arthur story and how Transformers were involved. A Cybertronian Knight gives Merlin a staff to aid King Arthur and his knights in their losing battle. On present day earth, Transformers have been outcast and are at war with humans. Optimus Prime ends up on his home Planet of Cybertron, only to find it has been destroyed. Qunitessa, a powerful sorceress, corrupts Optimus Prime to destroy earth so Cybertron can live. They must find Merlin’s Staff to save earth!

How Was the Movie?

I have always enjoyed watching the Transformers movies and LOVE the Universal Ride! They are by no means “Cinematic Classics” but rather fun thrill rides. I would say this 5th installment is my least favorite in the franchise. It pretty much follows the same plot as the other movies and offers nothing original. Except I liked the King Arthur era story. I wish the whole movie took place there. The movie was very long and drawn out at almost 2.5 hours. If you know what you’re getting into, you’ll have a good time. If you are looking for that awesome summer blockbuster, this is not it.

Was Transformers the Last Knight 4DX Worth the Price?

Transformers, 3D and 4DX were made for each other! So I was excited about Transformers 4DX. Unfortunately, I thought the 4DX effects were a little underwhelming. They only used the smoke canon effects twice and it barely put out any smoke. The water effects could have been used more too. Except toward the end there was a big battle in the water. That was the best 4DX effects of the movie and pretty cool. I also wish they would use scent more in all the 4DX movies.

The 3D in Transformers the Last Knight was actually pretty good. Many shots and effects were utilized to showcase the 3D and it worked good. With the mediocre movie and the underwhelming 4DX, I would say “Save Your Money”. BUT if you are a big Transformers fan, it has good 3D and the 4DX does enhance the movie.

Baby Driver 4DX Review

Baby is a young and talented getaway driver who listens to his music to escape and drive. A crime boss uses Baby as the getaway driver to pull off his heists. Baby frequents a local diner where he meets a waitress named Deborah and they quickly hit it off. All Baby wants is to be done with his life of crime and escape with the woman of his dreams. But he learns that getting away from it all is not that easy.

Baby Driver 4DX Review

How Was the Movie?

So this is usually not my type of movie and it was not in 3D. But I did enjoy the movie more than I thought I would. This is mostly an action movie with high speed chases. But it does have some style to it, a decent story and a great soundtrack. This movie offers something different in the sea of summer blockbusters. If you are fan of these type of movies, then you are sure to like it.

Was Baby Driver 4DX Worth the Price?

We had some trouble with our 4DX seats for about the first 20 minutes so I can’t review the beginning. Regal gave us all readmission ticket for any 4DX feature, so I really can’t complain. The 4DX effects were lacking in some spots. I noticed little things they could have done to use it more. Since this is an action movie with lots of driving, most of the 4DX were the moving seats and gunfire. I have to say the movie was more enjoyable when the 4DX effects started. There is no 3D though which is a bummer. If this is your type of movie then go for the 4DX. If you are looking for a movie to showcase all the 4DX effects, then wait for another feature.

Despicable Me 3 4DX Review

Gru has given up his life of crime and him and Lucy were just fired from the Anti-Villain League when they failed to capture Balthazar Bratt (a former 80’s child star turned supervillain). The minions leave Gru when he refuses to turn back to a life of crime. But without a leader they are quickly arrested and jailed. Gru learns he has a long lost twin brother names Dru. After Balthazar Bratt steals a giant famous diamond, Dru convinces his brother to go on one more heist to steal the Diamond back. But Balthazar Bratt is not going down without a fight!

How Was the Movie?

I am a little biased here because I love the Minions and Universal Studios! I loved the movie and had a great time. The story is a little all over the place but overall it was a fun movie. I am NOT a big animated movie or even a PG movie fan, but for some reason I can’t get enough of the Minions. If you liked the other Minion movies then you won’t be disappointed. Despicable Me 3 is an fun movie the whole family will enjoy.

Was Despicable Me 3 4DX Worth the Price?

The 4DX effects for Despicable Me 3 were awesome. The 4DX really helped enhanced the movie. It was one of the best 4DX features we have seen. There were some bubble issues! I noticed Bubbles trying to come out twice but you could barely see them. The 4DX was used creatively in many ways and really helps bring the movie to the next level. The 3D was pretty good too and helped enhance the movie. I would definitely recommend seeing Despicable Me 3 in 4DX! It is one of the funnest movie going experiences of the summer ????

Thor Ragnarok 4DX Review

The mighty Thor finds himself imprisoned on the other side of the universe. He is pitted against the Hulk (who has been the Hulk for 2 years now) in a battle to the death. Thor, along with his gang of unusual superheros, must race against time to stop the powerful Hela from destroying his home planet of Asgard.

How was the movie?

In a saturated sea of superhero movies, Thor Ragnarok stands out as a memorable and fun thrill ride. Some other of my favorite recent superhero movies include Deadpool, Spiderman Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy. I really like the setting and art direction of Thor Ragnorak. It is a colorful movie that takes place in another universe on multiple planets. There is a wide variety of cool creatures, demons, inhabitants and superheros which makes it feel very much like an epic futuristic movie. The comic relief is incredible and had the audience laughing throughout the entire movie. I love movies that don’t take them selves too serious and Thor Ragnarok has a good balance of action, effects, story and comedy. Thor Ragnarok felt like a real live action comic book and I will definitely watch it again!

Was Thor Ragnarok 4DX worth the price?

Thor Ragnorak was pretty solid 4DX feature. For some reason every trailer was synced to the beginning 4DX advertisement. So the seats went off like 10 times which was a little annoying. And NO smoke cannons at all this time! Hopefully they get this issue worked out because the smoke is a very immersive effect. After all we are paying a big premium to see these 4DX movies. Just like the movie, Thor Ragnarok 4DX was a fun thrill ride! Each effect helped enhance the movie for me. Thor is the “God of Thunder” so lightning effects were used creatively. There was also a lot of fighting and punches synced to the seat effects which helps you become more immersed in the action. And of course wind effects always make the moment seem epic. Thor Ragnorak 4DX was a great superhero movie worth the 4DX price!


The Meg 4DX Review

A crew is trapped at the bottom of the ocean after being attacked by a 75-foot prehistoric Megalodon shark. Jonas Taylor (a rescue diver) must confront his fears to save the crew and anyone who comes in contact with the monstrous beast.

How was the movie?

Overall the movie was entertaining but it fell a little short for me. There is plenty of action with a decent plot but I wanted something more from this movie. I think it would have been better if it wasn’t watered down (no pun intended) for a PG-13 audience. Or maybe if it was more cheesy, campy and fun (Piranha 3D anyone?). Character development also fell short and no one was really memorable. And I wish we could have seen the Megalodon more! Isn’t that why were here? At times I was excited and others a little bored but it’s still a fun movie just don’t expect a blockbuster as this is NO Jaws.

Was The Meg 4DX worth the price?

The 4DX effects for The Meg were awesome! It no doubt enhanced my enjoyment of this movie. Of course there is a ton of water used throughout this movie so be prepared to get a little wet. Floating around the water as your seat gently sways is an awesome 4DX effect and makes you feel like you are in the water. The diving effect was pretty good too. Just as they hit the water, a mist of water sprays your face. Riding through the water on a boat as you seat subtly rumbles and the wind blows your hair is very cool. Little things like this really make you feel like you are part of the movie. They use this same effect when helicopters take off and land. At one point they were using all the water effects at once. Water mists from the front, water sprinkling down from the back of the seats and water mixed with the fans from above. This combines to create an “Extreme Water Effect” and it’s a lot of fun. Leg ticklers and strobes were also used effectively throughout the movie. The 3D was actually decent at some points especially under the water and did enhance the movie when it worked. So my review of the movie wasn’t the best but if you plan on checking this movie out, 4DX at the Regal Pointe Orlando 20 is the way to go.

Where to watch a 4DX Movie

There are only 8 cities in the country where you experience 4DX. If you live in Orlando be sure to visit Regal Pointe Orlando Stadium 20 & IMAX on International Dr to experience a 4DX movie.

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War for the Planet of the Apes 4DX Review

This film is set 2 years after “Dawn for the Planet of the Apes” The Apes are forced into war by an Army of humans who want only one thing, to see the apes destroyed. After losing many apes, Caesar (the apes leader) is fed up and vows to avenge his kind. An epic battle will determine the fate of the planet and the future of both species.

How was the Movie?

I am not a huge fan of “The Planet of the Apes” series. I watched them all, even the old 70’s movies and the TV Show (which was my favorite). I have always found them entertaining but was never excited about it. That said, the movie has a decent story, good effects and the audience seemed to really like it. But again this is NOT my type of movie! I didn’t hate it but if I weren’t reviewing the movie I would have waited for it to air on the movie channels. But if you are a fan of “The Planet of the Apes” movies, then you will like this movie as it is one of the strongest in the series. Great job with the ape animations! It feels like you are watching real apes.

Was War for the Planet of the Apes Worth the 4DX Price?

This was overall a strong 4DX feature. Some of the highlights include wind rain storm effects. This is when the blows from the fans mounted at the top on both sides. The apes live in a cave beneath a waterfall. When they get close to the waterfall you can see the water blowing through the air and it feel like you are near the waterfall. At one point toward the end of the movie the action gets intense. The wind is blowing, snow if falling and blowing in the wind, smoke is swirling around and the seats are shaking. It was awesome and really made you feel like your were in the movie. Be sure to bring a sweatshirt to 4DX features as they can get cold with all the water and wind.

War for the Planet of the Apes has pretty good 4DX effects (not as good as Spider-man though). I noticed they changed the smoke canons again with 2 canons more toward the center. More smoke needs to come out them (especially the right one). The 3D was nothing special and you can tell it was converted in post production. If you are a fan of The Planet of the Apes then the 4DX will certainly enhance your movie going experience.

Annabelle Creation 4DX Review

Annabelle creation is the follow up to the 2014 blockbuster “Annabelle”. The movie was created by the same team behind the first “Annabelle” and takes place in “The Conjuring” universe. The second installment is a prequel and follows the story of toy maker Sam Mullins and his wife Esther who lost there daughter in a tragic car accident 12 years ago. They invite a nun and six orphaned girls into there home after the orphanage was closed. One of the girls finds a doll named “Annabelle” hidden away. But evil is lurking in the toy makers doll who possesses the girl.

How was the movie?

I thought the first “Annabelle” was decent movie. But it was a little slow paced and it didn’t really scare me. The second installment “Annabelle Creation” was a little better than the first movie. It was still very slow paced but it did manage to provide some good scares. These type of movies are more about atmosphere and building up the suspense. The doll never even moves and it is just not that scary to me (the other stuff is fun and scary but not the doll). I am also a little confused how the doll came to be possessed and why it’s hidden away. The movie has a creepy atmosphere but the story and the characters need work. I know they’re trying to build up suspense but this movie is so quite at times you can hear a pin drop. If you are a fan of the first “Annabelle” or these type of movies then you will like “Annabelle Creation”. If you like your horror movies a little more intense and fast paced then I would skip it.

Was Annabelle Creation worth the 4DX price?

The 4DX effects in “Annabelle Creation” were good but a little underwhelming. Due to the setting of the movie there are no environmental effects except wind. When they did use the 4DX it was used subtly and effectively. Highlights include riding in the car on a dirt road. Some of my favorite 4DX effects are the small ones and it really felt like I was riding in the car. The camera work also included a lot of slow panning. The seats are synced to the movement so it feels like you are panning in a circle and up and down. This is one of my favorite and one of most immersive features of the 4DX seats. Of course there were also some good scares which is perfect for 4DX movies because it provides other elements to help scare you. The scares are one of the best reasons to see a horror movie in 4DX! I also liked the strobe effects for flashing light bulbs which helped create a creepy atmosphere. If you love these types of movies then the 4DX will be fun but not amazing!

Jigsaw 4DX Review

10 years after the death of John Cramer (Jigsaw), dead bodies start showing up that look Suspicially like the work of Jigsaw. Once again a group of unsuspecting wrongdoers must play a sadistic game to save their lives. Who is behind these gruesome crimes and how can they be stopped?

How was the movie?

I liked the first couple SAW movies and thought they were unique and intense. But then they started releasing one every Halloween and the concept was basically the same movie over and over. The last saw movie was Saw 3D: The Final Chapter in 2010. This is the 8th SAW movie and it’s very much the same formula with really nothing new to offer. What else can I say? I’ts another SAW movie. But if you loved all the other SAW movies, then you will like Jigsaw.

Was Jigsaw 4DX worth the price?

I wasn’t excited about another SAW film but it’s in 4DX so we thought we would give Jigsaw 4DX a shot. The 4DX effects were good but I thought they could have been used way more. I also miss the 3D! Saw 3D: The Final Chapter was actually shot in 3D and had good 3D effects. None of the 4DX effects really stood out for me. Except for the water sprays that mimic blood splatters which is one of the best effects for gory horror movies. But they could have used that more frequently too. It is a fun thrill ride but I feel like I’ve been there and done that. On a side note, the smoke canons were just maintenanced. But the right cannon still wasn’t working right. And once again no scents! I wish they would actually utilize this feature and I’m beginning to wonder if they ever use it. The movie is the same as every other SAW movie and the 4DX was a little underwhelming. I would say save your money on Jigsaw 4DX.

The Mummy 4DX Review

Universal is rebooting their classic movie monsters with the new “Dark Universe”. All of Universal’s classic movie monsters will share the same universe (like Marvel characters). The Mummy is the first in the series. This retelling of “The Mummy” focuses on “Ahmanet”, an Egyptian princess who betrayed and killed her family for evil power to claim her throne. She is captured and mummified while she is alive until she is accidentally released from her tomb in present day Iraq. Now her power grows as she consumes her victims souls and unleashes her armies of undead warriors to reclaim her power.

The Mummy 4DX Review

Was The Mummy A Good Movie?

So I am NOT a fan of Tom Cruise and just tired of watching him! But I was hoping the best for The Mummy. First off I am sick of watered down PG-13 horror movies. They could be so much better if they weren’t worried about how much profit the studio makes. As a matter of fact it probably would have done better if it was rated R. But here we are with another mediocre monster movie and a bad start to Universal’s “Dark Universe”. I am a big horror and monster movie fan so I probably liked it better than the average viewer. I did have fun at the movie but it wasn’t great! I was hoping more for the “Dark Universe”. There are some great action moments and a few scares. If you don’t expect to much you might have fun.

Was The Mummy 4DX Worth the Price?

The Mummy’s 4DX effects were spot on and the 3D was decent. These factors really helped enhance the movie for me! Horror movies are awesome in 4DX and the extremely enhance the scares especially when you’re not expecting them. I love horror movies in 4DX! So this one is a mixed bag for me. The movie was fun but could have been much better. But the 4DX effects were awesome and the 3D was good. If your looking for a fun and scary 4DX feature then go have some fun. If your looking for a movie everyone is raving about, Wonder Woman 4DX is still playing.

The Mummy in 4DX Orlando

Deadpool 2 4DX Review

Everyone’s favorite wisecracking, foullmouthed, neighborhood mutant mercenary is back! Deadpool 2 follows Wade Wilson as he teams up with some fellow mutants (Shatterstar, Domino & Bedlam) to save a boy with supernatural powers from a time traveling mutant named Cable.

How was the movie?

I really enjoyed the first Deadpool movie! It was action packed, had a good story, was super funny, very gory and was rated R. Everything I love in a movie! Deadpool 2 was a lot of fun but I think I liked the first movie a slightly better. With that said, Deadpool 2 still delivers what is set out to accomplish. A fun filled, over the top comic book movie with a fun story, plenty of action and lot of laughter. If I had one criticism I was NOT a fan of the mutant boy Deadpool was protecting. But other than that it was a blast! I love movie’s that don’t take them selves to serious and Deadpool does not take anything serious. No Marvel character is safe from being mocked and ridiculed (just ask Wolverine). With all the superhero Movies out there, I think Deadpool has something different to offer and I like it.

Was Deadpool 2 4DX worth the price?

The 4DX effects for Deadpool 2 were a lot of fun and definitely enhanced the movie viewing experience. There was actually a wide variety of effects that were used throughout the movie and the effects were spot on. I think the 4DX was used creatively and helped to draw you into the movie. Some of my favorite 4dx effects are the subtle ones like the wind blowing while your seat is panning, riding in a helicopter or the wind from an airplane landing. Ash effects, lightning, water and smoke were all used effectively along with plenty of action in the seats. Deadpool 2 is pretty gory and one of my favorite 4DX effects is when blood splatters as water shoots across your face. That is a always a fun effect and catches you off guard. It is also fun when they slip in some 4DX effects during comedic moments. I think Deadpool 2 was a fun movie and 4DX effects were great. If you are a Marvel or Deadpool fan (or just like funny, R-rated, action movies) then check out Deadpool 2 in 4DX.

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