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The Meg 4DX Review

A crew is trapped at the bottom of the ocean after being attacked by a 75-foot prehistoric Megalodon shark. Jonas Taylor (a rescue diver) must confront his fears to save the crew and anyone who comes in contact with the monstrous beast. How was the movie? Overall the movie was entertaining but it fell a …

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Jigsaw 4DX Review

10 years after the death of John Cramer (Jigsaw), dead bodies start showing up that look Suspicially like the work of Jigsaw. Once again a group of unsuspecting wrongdoers must play a sadistic game to save their lives. Who is behind these gruesome crimes and how can they be stopped? How was the movie? I …

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The Mummy 4DX Review

Universal is rebooting their classic movie monsters with the new “Dark Universe”. All of Universal’s classic movie monsters will share the same universe (like Marvel characters). The Mummy is the first in the series. This retelling of “The Mummy” focuses on “Ahmanet”, an Egyptian princess who betrayed and killed her family for evil power to …

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Deadpool 2 4DX Review

Everyone’s favorite wisecracking, foullmouthed, neighborhood mutant mercenary is back! Deadpool 2 follows Wade Wilson as he teams up with some fellow mutants (Shatterstar, Domino & Bedlam) to save a boy with supernatural powers from a time traveling mutant named Cable. How was the movie? I really enjoyed the first Deadpool movie! It was action packed, …

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