The Cowfish is a fusion of Sushi and Burgers! The restaurant is very good and offers some unique items that can only be found there. You can get sandwiches made with sushi stuff along with sushi built with burger stuff. They also offer a variety of other unique items including spiked milkshakes, premium sakes, specialty beers and exotic martinis. I am NOT a sushi fan (everyone else seems to love the Cowfish Sushi) but their burgers and shakes are delicious! And be sure to try the “Cheeseburgooshi” ????

The All-American Bacon Double Cheeseburgooshi

Cheeseburgooshi is a very unique menu item and a very delicious one! It is a cheese burger created like sushi. It includes seasoned premium black angus beef, yellow cheddar and white cheddar cheese and applewood bacon wrapped in soy paper and potato strings. It is then flash fried and topped with dill pickle, red onion, Roma tomatoes and Cowfish sauce. We really liked the Cheeseburgooshi and devoured it quickly. We would definitely order this again! There are a variety of other items that are created like this and we’ll probably try them all.

The Jalapeño Popper Show-Stopper

We love the burgers at Cowfish so we decided to try something different. For all you jalapeño fans here is The Jalapeño Popper Show-Stopper. This Beef burger is topped with jalapeño-infused cream cheese, jalapeño bacon, fried jalapeños, jalapeño citrus aioli, lettuce, tomato and fresh sliced jalapeños on a brioche bun. As usual the burger and bacon had great taste but it was probably a little too much jalapeños for me. With all the topping it still came off a little bland. There was a lot of the cream cheese which was a little bland also (I think a Swiss cheese would have been better). But if you are crazy for jalapeños then this burger is sure to please.

See the Full Cowfish Menu Here

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