Halloween Horror Nights 2017 is slowly creeping upon us. Soon the streets of Universal Studios Orlando will be overtaken by the evil spirits, undead monsters and psycho killers. HHN 27 will feature nine amazing haunted houses, five terrifying scarezones and for the FINAL YEAR ???? “Bill & Teds Excellent Halloween Adventure”. Also returning from last year is the high energy “Academy of Villains” dance crew. They tell stories through music, dance, props and silhouette projection.

The Horrors of Blumhouse

SAW: The Horrors of Blumhouse HHN 27
Blumhouse Productions is responsible for producing some of the creepiest movies over the last two decades. There is a wealth of content to use and we’re packing every inch of the house with something invasive, something wicked, and something that wants our souls.

The advantage to creating a house with multiple properties living inside its decaying walls is each scene is a completely different world. What tie the scenes together are the otherworldly themes that run in all of the films. The characters that roam the house are terrifying yet gorgeous in design. From Bughuul (Mr. Boogie) and to the Red Faced Demon, you’ll get the chance to see them face-to-face. We’re ripping the most terrifying scenes out the creepiest movies from the Blumhouse vault and dropping you into the middle of the action.

What excites me most about this house is the access we were granted to use and recreate elements of Insidious: Chapter 4. That’s right, you’ll be walking through a living trailer of the upcoming film. Insidious: Chapter 4 doesn’t hit theaters until 2018, so this is a big deal for us and the guests who will meet the newest villain of the franchise.

SAW: Games of Jigsaw

SAW: The Games of Jigsaw Halloween Horror Nights 27
SAW is making a return to Halloween Horror Nights with “Saw: The Games of Jigsaw”. SAW was also seen at HHN 19 in 2009. But this house is based on the new movie “Jigsaw” (which will be released October 27th) and will be a very different maze. The concept for the house is one giant trap that is also a live preview of the trap featured in the new movie. You’ll be funneled through claustrophobic, visceral experiences and be a part of the most terrifying “games” ever devised on screen. Trials that you may be familiar with and some that are completely unknown to you. Are you ready to play a game?

Ash vs Evil Dead

Ash vs Evil Dead Halloween Horror nights 27

The creative team at Universal will be bringing “Ash vs Evil Dead” to Halloween Horror Night 27 in Orlando and Hollywood. This will be based on the popular STARZ TV show of the same name. If you are a fan of the original Evil Dead movies, then you will LOVE “Ash vs Evil Dead”. It was created by the same people behind the original movie and you can tell. The show is fun and cheesy with lots of blood and gore. We have watched the first 2 seasons and they are a blast. The 3rd season will debut sometime this year.

The show takes place 30 years after the events of the original films. Ash is a slacker who living alone with no purpose in life. But when his past returns to haunt him, Ash must strap on his trusty chainsaw, grab his boomsticks and slay some deadites! Along with his crazy sidekicks, Ash sets out return balance to his life and save the world. Universal vows to throw you into the loud, brash, and very bloody world of Ash. There is sure to be plenty of evil and deadites. The house will feature various locations from the first two seasons of Ash vs Evil Dead and lots of blood. And YES we will be returning to the cabin along with some other surprises! Could we see the potty mouthed puppet “ASHY SLASHY”? This should be a really fun house and the one we will be looking forward to.

Universal Fun Fact
According to IMDB the events 3rd film (Army of Darkness) had to be largely ignored because they could not obtain the rights from Universal Studios for season 1. But the second season they were given permission to use elements from “Army of Darkness.

The Shining

The Shining Halloween Horror Nights 27

The twisted minds behind the nation’s best, most intense Halloween events will bring every gruesome moment and paranormal haunting that fans have seen in the film to life in original, disturbingly authentic mazes.

“The Shining” maze at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights will provide guests with a unique opportunity to relive some of the film’s most iconic, and sinister, moments. While venturing through the eerie Overlook Hotel, guests will be thrust into the hotel’s tragic history of murder and madness, bearing witness to caretaker Jack Torrance’s spiraling descent into insanity. Nightmarish visions will come to life in this macabre maze, overwhelming guests with the “shine” of the murderous, ghostly entities that lurk around every turn – all while trying to escape the wrath of Jack Torrance as he violently succumbs to the hotel’s paranormal forces.

The Shining has been regarded as “a masterpiece of modern horror” by critics and fans alike. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, the film’s enormous influence on pop culture has been captured throughout a multitude of films, television shows, music and more since its disturbing debut in 1980.

American Horror Story Returns

American Horror Story Halloween Horror Nights 27

American Horror Story returns for the 2nd year in a row with brand new content from Season 2: Asylum, Season 3: Coven and Season 6: Roanoke.

Universal Orlando’s all-new, incredibly detailed maze will bring three new installments of the “American Horror Story” anthology to life. In Asylum, guests will travel through the decades of the notorious Briarcliff – evading Dr. Arden’s grotesque human “Rasper” experiments and coming face to “face” with the serial killer, Bloody Face. In Coven, New Orleans aesthetics will surround guests as they’re drawn into the bloody rivalry between the descendants of the Salem witches, the voodoo Queen of New Orleans Marie Laveau, and the sadistic Madame Delphine LaLaurie. And finally, guests will relive the horrific story of the Millers in Roanoke – where they’ll be at the mercy of Piggy Man, the grisly Polk family and the ghosts of the blood moon.

4 Original Houses Announced for HHN 27

Dubbed “Festival of the Deadliest” here are the 4 original houses for Halloween Horror Nights 27.

Scarecrow: The Reaping
Since the great dustbowl, an abandoned farmhouse stands in Nebraska. The bountiful fields ravaged by the farmers’ plows have spurred anger in the Land. Scarecrow guardians have risen from the blood soaked soil to seek revenge. The harvest that will be reaped this season is you.

We’re huge fans of those little-known 1980s horror movies, and we wanted to make you feel as if you’re in those movies. The story takes everything that is sexy, beautiful or cool about vampires and flushes it down the toilet. These Nosferatu are nasty, animalistic, and vicious. It’s the type of house that will make you cling to your date all the way to the exit…if you make it that far.

Dead Waters
We have had houses that later became scare zones in the streets of Universal Studios Florida. This is one of the first times, in recent memory, that a scare zone has influenced a house. For Halloween Horror Nights 24, we had the Bayou of Blood scare zone. It was so strong in character and story that we had to revisit its story again. We’re excited to have you explore the Dead Waters of the Voodoo Queen and her hellish realm.

The Fallen
It’s the ancient battle between good and evil. The Fallen are flying, jumping, and crawling up from the kingdom of darkness and laying waste to all who cross their path of destruction. These creatures are awesome…and yes, I did say flying. This house is a mix between beauty and decay, high screech and deep roar, and delivers more surprises than I can fit in this paragraph.

HHN 27 Scare Zones Announced

Trick 'r Treat Halloween Horror Nights 27

Trick ‘r Treat
Break the rules. Pay the price. That’s the murderous moral of the five twisted stories in Trick ‘r Treat, a darkly hilarious tribute to Halloween, brought to life amidst the winding paths of Central Park. Your stomach will churn with revulsion and laughter as you witness the fate of those who failed to honor the spirit of Halloween and incurred the wrath of Sam, the vengeful trick-or-treater. So don’t be caught dead breaking the rules yourself.

The Purge
The Purge has returned to Halloween Horror Nights and overrun the streets of New York. No one is safe. With iconic characters and disturbing scenes from all three films, there’s nowhere to hide. Whether you revel in the chaos or just fight to survive, you’ll be a part of a proud American tradition. United we purge.

Festival Of The Deadliest
The dead are throwing a hell of a Hollywood party and you’re invited. Your spirit will fuel the frenzy of this ghoulish gathering. Once you arrive, beings of blood and bone will descend to claim the living and deliver them to Bone, the reaper of all. You’ll have the time of your life. Or what remains of it.

The year is 1955, and a UFO has crashed onto the wharf. Aliens emerge from the broken vessel and scan the area with pitiless eyes. If you enter their midst, they’ll isolate you from the crowd and channel cold intellect to conduct ruthless experiments upon you. Their goal: to extract information to bring back to their leader as they prepare to invade Earth and conquer its unwitting inhabitants.

Altars Of Horror
Enter the nexus of evil, where all the most fearsome characters and nefarious creatures from each of the Halloween Horror Nights haunted houses lie in wait for unsuspecting victims along the Avenue of the Stars. You should know better, yet you’re powerless to resist their macabre allure.

Academy of Villains: Afterlife

Academy of Villains: Afterlife

Returning from last year is the high energy dance group “Academy of Villains”. Witness the intense and shocking dance performance of this world-class group of artists as you discover what happens after we leave this life. The Academy of Villains wants to escort you to the great beyond, and they won’t stop until they have everyone.

Bill & Ted’s Farewell Tour

Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure Farewell Tour

The classic Icons Bill & Ted will perform their final show at Halloween Horror Night 27! They have been with HHN for 26 years. It’s a classic show that will be missed by many. The show is a mashup of popular culture from that year. It’s a fun break from all the horror and mayhem and provides that classic comedy relief all good horror movies need. We are not sure why it’s being replaced! Was the controversial content or copyright concerns too much? Maybe the long rumored “Ministry of Magic” will be taking it’s place? Or perhaps a new more relevant show is in the works? Only time will tell. Until then, come join the “Wyld Stallyns” for their final Halloween Adventure!

Map for Halloween Horror Nights 2017

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Halloween Horror Nights 2017 Map

Halloween Horror Nights 2016 Highlights

Halloween Horror Nights 26 Highlights

HHN 27 Tickets on Sale Now!

Hallowween Horror Nights 27 will run 34 select night starting September 15th through November 4th. Ticket options are now available along some vacation packages. The NEW “Flex Ticket” will allow access Halloween to Horror Nights 27 on any one Sunday-Friday or Sunday-Saturday. Passholder Frequent Fear tickets and vacation packages are now available!

Halloween Horror Nights 27 Tickets

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