I usually skip the hot dog when hunger strikes, but I do love a DOG at CitWalk’s “Hot Dog Hall of Fame”. They offer a variety of the most famous Hot Dogs from across the country. Try the classic “Chicago Dog” with all an all beef Vienna dog, diced onions, tomatoes, sport peppers, neon relish and celery salt served on a poppy seed bun. Or how about something different like the “Kansas City” topped with pulled pork, coleslaw, pickles and barbecue sauce.

They offer a variety of outdoor seating including standard chairs with umbrella tables, a covered pavilion area that sits up higher and another covered area on the back near the top of City Walk. There is also plenty of stadium seating that looks cool, but it’s hard to eat a dog with no table in front of you.

Fries are included with all dogs except the 2 Footer. SAVE $2 if you don’t want fries with your dog!

The Famous 2 Foot Long Hot Dog

Here it is! The enormous 2 foot long hot dog from CityWalk’s “Hot Dog Hall of Fame”. This is a HUGE HOT DOG and much larger and thicker than the Foot Long. I would say its the equivalent of 3 foot longs!

It is an all beef Vienna Hot Dog with your choice of 2 toppings. It is served on a 2 foot long bun in a custom cardboard carrying tray. This is a CHEAP way to fill up a few people. The 2 foot long dog does NOT come with fries. Although it’s fun to try! I thought the hot dog was a little tough and thick. I prefer the foot long hot dog which has a normal sized hot dog on it.

The Foot Long Hot Dog

This one is my personal favorite! The foot long Chili Cheese Dog ???? This is a foot long Vienna all-beef dog in a foot long bun with your choice of two topping and served with fires. Don’t forget to try the spicy jalapeno mustard, it is so good! I like the Vienna hot dog they use on the foot long, it has always been consistently good.

The Milwaukee

I like a good bratwurst so we tried the “Milwaukee”. It boasts a Bratwurst sausage with grilled onions and spicy brown mustard served on a grilled hoagie roll. The grilled onions were good and I enjoyed the grilled hoagie roll. BUT, I was NOT crazy about the sausage! It did not look or taste like a bratwurst and had very little flavor. I would skip this one if your looking for that classic bratwurst taste.

The Kansas City

This one was recommended and is a fan favorite. This Vienna all-beef dog is served with pulled pork, barbecue sauce, coleslaw and a pickle. This was a very good hot dog and now my second favorite (next to the chili cheese dog). The tender pulled pork, sweet barbecue sauce and chilly coleslaw combine to make a unique and flavorful hot dog. Crab some extra napkins because this one is messy!

The Detroit Coney Dog

This is Koegel brand hot dog which was created in Flint Michigan in 1916 by Albert Koegal. Koegal Meat Co. products were only available in Michigan until recently (they are now available in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky). The Detroit is topped with Abbott’s Coney chili and diced onions (of course we added cheese to it). I really like the flavor and texture of the Koegel hot dog and the chili is delicious. It had a softer texture unlike the Vienna which can sometimes seem tough. How can you go wrong with a Detroit Coney Dog?

The Chicago Dog
A Vienna all-beef dog, neon relish, sport peppers, diced onions and tomatoes, celery salt and a pickle served on a poppy seed bun. The Chicago Dog is a classic but NOT my favorite. The Vienna dog was a little tough and I can go without the neon relish and the sport peppers. I did like the poppy seed bun but I will skip this dog next time.

The Colorado Dog
Nathan’s Famous hot dog, grilled peppers, grilled onions and sauerkraut.

The Boston Dog
Kayem all-beef dog, diced onions, relish and spicy brown mustard served on a toasted New England-style bun.

The Washington Dog
Hebrew National dog, coleslaw, blue cheese dressing, celery salt and buffalo sauce.

The New York Dog
Sabrett all-beef dog, sauerkraut and mustard

The Arizona Dog
Vienna all-beef dog, smoked bacon, pinto beans, grilled peppers, grilled onions and cheese

Italian Sausage
Provolone cheese, grilled onions and grilled peppers.

Specialty Mustards

How can you have a good dog without some good mustard? Luckily they have you covered with five specialty mustards.

BOEJE’S Stone Ground Mustard
In 1889, Fred Boetje began making his stoneground Dutch mustard in his garage in Rock, Illinois. The same recipe is used today with water, mustard seed, sugar, salt and distilled vinegar.

FOOD & WINE Spicy Jalapeno Mustard
This one is my favorite and has a special kick to it! This pepper mustard is delicately flavored with cilantro and made with white wine. It is fabulous on cheese, great in sauces or try adding it a cheese omelet. The particular mustard is also considered Gluten-Free.

HAUS BARHYTE Smoky Garlic Mustard
Be WARNED, this mustard is not for part-time garlic lovers! It shouts, summer, baseball and picnics all in on taste. Try it on your favorite sandwich, hot dog or toasted bagel.

SILVER SPRING Beer ‘n Brat Mustard
The texture is more coarse than yellow or Dijon mustard with eye-watering heat and a broad range of mustard flavors. It pairs well with bratwurst and sauerkraut, deli-style sandwiches, summer sausage, deviled eggs, and pretzels and beer.

BERTMAN Original Ball Park Mustard
Joseph Bertman, originally made the mustard in his garage behind his house in Cleveland. He made it primarily for League Park, one of his best customers. League Park, many years later became Municipal Stadium and the mustard followed and was the only brown mustard used for the entire time the stadium was opened. Eventually following to the opening of the Progressive Field as well.

Additional Toppings
BBQ Sauce
Pinto Beans
Cole Slaw
Neon Relish
Onions (diced or sauteed)
Pepper (sports or sauteed)
Red Onion Sauce
Sweet Relish
Blue Cheese
Provolone Cheese
Cheese Sauce
Shredded Cheese
Pulled Pork

Cracker Jacks
Roasted Peanuts

Draft Beer
Bud Light
Miller Lite
Blue Moon
Sam Adams

Hot Dog Hall of Fame Full Menu
See the full menu and prices for “CityWalk’s Hot Dog Hall of Fame”.

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