Top 10 Pro Trips For Your First Time at Universal Studios (also helpful for seasoned visitors alike!)

Visiting Universal Studios is an exciting time, whether it’s your first time or 100th. But…there are a few things to know that can make your experience that much better. We’ve compiled the top 10 tips to know when visiting Universal Studios.

  1. Harry Potter fan? Park to Park tickets are a must…because you can’t ride Hogwarts Express without it.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes…seriously, leave the fashionable (uncomfortable) shoes at home. You won’t regret it.
  3. Hydration is key. Either invest in a refillable cup. Or…if you’re content with water…save money and plan to refill water bottles (with water) from any soda fountain machines. Added Pro Tip: Even if you don’t bring a water bottle or don’t want to, anytime you pass a kiosk/cart with no line, ask for a free cup…then fill with water at any soda fountain machine.
  4. Get the App. It’s 100% worth it. It’ll help you decide what to do next and you’ll be able to see wait times for both rides and shows. It also shows restaurants for the parks, menus, where the bathrooms are.
  5. Check out food options outside the park as well. CityWalk have some of the best food options available. Making reservations can also save you time and headache after a long day.
  6. Poncho, don’t forget a Poncho. A small, inexpensive (typically for $1-$2) one that can be kept in your pocket can be a trip saver. Besides the very common passing shower that is a regular event in Orlando, it’s also great for water rides!
  7. Harry Potter fan? Whether you are or aren’t, you’ll still want to check out Diagon Alley. There’s so much to see, explore, and the detail throughout is unmatched.
  8. Bring a drawstring bag (or fanny pack…they’re back in style, right??). Whether it’s for your water bottle or sunscreen (which is very expensive in the park), it’ll be worth it. And even if you don’t bring a bag, in the very least, try and bring a couple zip lock bags and a few bandaids. These can be a lifesaver. Whether it’s due to blisters, keeping your phone dry, or filling a bag with ice, they’re great to have in those “just in case” scenarios.
  9. Do not expect to be able to see everything (both parks) in one day. If possible, opt for 2-3 days. There is so much detail and so many easter eggs throughout both parks, that it really is impossible to fully take in, in one day.
  10. If rides are a priority, consider the Express Pass. If you stay at a premier resort, many offer Express Passes as part of the package (you’ll also get free transportation). Weigh the cost of the Express Pass, if you’re leaning that way, with the added cost of a premier resort that may include these added perks. Many times, it’ll make sense and be cheaper in the end by paying a bit extra for resorts with these perks.
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