NBC Sports Grill & Brew is located in CityWalk and offers a unique sports dining experience. Nearly 100 high-definition screens immerse you in a stream of sports coverage as you drink and dine. Expect much more than your average bar food; a mix of tasty classics and incredible new creations are on the menu. Discover Crab Scotch Eggs alongside Chicken Nachos, Asian Grilled Chicken Salad in addition to burgers and ribs, and an insane seven-layer banana cake.

The Giant Soft Pretzel

Anyone else love soft pretzels as much as me? If you do, you have to try this delicious monstrosity! The pretzel is warm, soft, yummy and displayed on two metal hockey sticks.

NBC Grill Giant Soft Pretzel

It comes with a side of Jalapeno Queso and Bertmans Ball Park Mustard. Be sure to bring a friend to help you eat this one. There are a variety of soft pretzels throughout the park but this one stands out from the crowd for its size and taste. You can get this BAD BOY at the NBC Sports Grill & Brew in CityWalk!

BERTMAN Original Ball Park Mustard
Joseph Bertman, originally made the mustard in his garage behind his house in Cleveland. He made it primarily for League Park, one of his best customers. League Park, many years later became Municipal Stadium and the mustard followed and was the only brown mustard used for the entire time the stadium was opened. Eventually following to the opening of the Progressive Field as well.

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