Fast & Furious: Supercharged

One of the most successful film franchises of all time will soon become one of Universal Studios Florida’s most action-packed ride experiences. Universal Orlando Resort announced today that Fast & Furious: Supercharged will join its incredible lineup of attractions in 2018 – continuing the unprecedented growth of the destination.

Guests will experience a high-octane journey that fuses an original storyline and incredible ride technology with everything that fans love about the films—popular characters, exhilarating environments, nonstop action and, of course, high-speed cars.

Led by film stars Vin Diesel (Dom Toretto), Dwayne Johnson (Hobbs), Michelle Rodriguez (Letty) and Tyrese Gibson (Roman), guests will feel like part of the “Fast family” as they embark on a thrilling new Fast & Furious adventure. They will be immersed in the underground racing world made famous in the films, explore the headquarters of Toretto and his team and even get to check out some of the supercharged cars they’ve seen on the big screen. Then, guests will board specially designed vehicles and take off on an adrenaline-pumping ride with their favorite stars from the films.

During the experience, guests will:

  • Join up with the Fast & Furious crew as they feel what it’s like to step into their favorite Fast & Furious film
  • Immerse themselves in an authentic re-creation of the Fast & Furious crew’s warehouse headquarters – filled with actual props, iconic scenes, authentic details and supercharged vehicles from the films
  • Ride with the family and crew as the film’s soundtracks pumps, vehicles flip, rockets fire – and the action builds; and –
  • Check out more than a dozen of the supercharged cars from the films – including some driven by their favorite characters, like Dom’s classic muscle car, Roman’s super lux coupe and more.

Fast & Furious Virtual Line

This new attraction will also feature the Virtual Line experience. This allows you to select a time to ride in advance so you can wait in line, virtually, as you enjoy other experiences throughout the park.

FUN FACT: Fast & Furious: Supercharged replaced Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue and Disaster: A Major Motion Picture Starring You!


What is 4DX?

4DX is an immersive and interactive movie theater technology developed by a South Korean company (CJ 4DPLEX). The technology uses motion seats along with environmental effects to make you feel like you are part of the movie. The first movie to play in 4DX was in 2009 for Journey to the center of the Earth. Other countries have had this technology for years and it didn’t come to America until 2014. Regal Cinemas of LA was the first theater to adopt the technology with the showing of Transformer: Age of Extinction.

How Do 4DX Seats Work?

4DX is the ultimate movie technology offering a fully immersive cinematic experience. Don’t just watch the movie but live it! 4DX motion seats are much better than DBOX seats and have a better range with three dimensional motion. 4DX motion chairs are equipped with three base movements of heave (move up and down), roll (move left and right) and pitch (tilt backward and forward). When combined it create an endless expanse of possible combinations to mimic such actions as flying and driving.

Click on a 4DX effect below to see it in action!


4DX Effects

Other seat effects including slow panning, strong vibrations, fluid and dynamic motion, leg ticklers and back punches. When I say the seats move, they really move! So be ready ???? Environmental effects and simulated weather include rain, rain storms, air/mist, wind, fog/smoke, lightning, snow, bubbles and even scent. At this time there are 8 scents 4DX can produce. But we have only smelled it a couple times and wish they would use this feature more. Some smells include floral scents, coffee, burning rubber, gunpowder and more. All of these effects are perfectly synced with the action on screen. Whether it’s a bad storm or a cool breeze, a smoky explosions or the warm smell of coffee, the 4DX technology enhances these experiences with appropriate effects.

Click on a 4DX effect below to see it in action!
From what I can tell, there are NO warm air effects in the Regal 4DX chairs on International Drive.

Warm Air

• With all the wind and rain, 4dx theaters can get a little cold. Be sure to bring a sweatshirt just in case.
• Don’t eat a large meal before seeing a 4DX movie! All that movement and a full belly don’t combine well.

4DX Review

Lucky for us, Orlando became one of the few cities to utilize the new 4DX technology. Regal Cinemas on International drive started offering 4DX movies in March 2017. One of the entire theaters had to be gutted and retrofitted to use the technology. Kong: Skull Island was the first movie offered and the 4DX was impressive. Movies are now no longer bound by just site and sound. 4DX is the next step in film evolution allowing audiences to experience a movie in a whole new way.

3D, DBOX and 4DX is NOT for everyone! But if you are into immersive movie going experiences, then you are going to love 4DX. The technology is very similar to Shrek 4D at Universal Studios (only better). I am a huge movie fan and love technology so 4DX is a perfect match for me. I get bored easy and 4DX gets me more involved in the movie. I almost like any movie better in 3D and 4DX. There is a lot of dynamic movement especially in action scenes. So if you are not into that, than 4DX is not for you.

We will be reviewing 4DX movies so we can so we can bring you the latest information on each movie. This will help you make informed decision if a movie and the 4DX effects are worth your hard earned money.

See all our 4DX Movie Reviews here

4DX Movies in Orlando

You can catch a 4DX movie at the Regal Theater on International Drive

Regal Pointe Orlando Stadium 20 & IMAX
9101 International Drive
Orlando, Florida 32819
(407) 248-9045
Regal Orlando Website

New Theaters Now Offering 4DX and ScreenX

ScreenX is a new technology that projects the movie not only on the screen but along the walls of the theater as well. The first 4DX theater combined with ScreenX projections has debuted in California. Below is a short video of the 4DX/ScreenX theater.

War for the Planet of the Apes 4DX Review

This film is set 2 years after “Dawn for the Planet of the Apes” The Apes are forced into war by an Army of humans who want only one thing, to see the apes destroyed. After losing many apes, Caesar (the apes leader) is fed up and vows to avenge his kind. An epic battle will determine the fate of the planet and the future of both species.

How was the Movie?

I am not a huge fan of “The Planet of the Apes” series. I watched them all, even the old 70’s movies and the TV Show (which was my favorite). I have always found them entertaining but was never excited about it. That said, the movie has a decent story, good effects and the audience seemed to really like it. But again this is NOT my type of movie! I didn’t hate it but if I weren’t reviewing the movie I would have waited for it to air on the movie channels. But if you are a fan of “The Planet of the Apes” movies, then you will like this movie as it is one of the strongest in the series. Great job with the ape animations! It feels like you are watching real apes.

Was War for the Planet of the Apes Worth the 4DX Price?

This was overall a strong 4DX feature. Some of the highlights include wind rain storm effects. This is when the blows from the fans mounted at the top on both sides. The apes live in a cave beneath a waterfall. When they get close to the waterfall you can see the water blowing through the air and it feel like you are near the waterfall. At one point toward the end of the movie the action gets intense. The wind is blowing, snow if falling and blowing in the wind, smoke is swirling around and the seats are shaking. It was awesome and really made you feel like your were in the movie. Be sure to bring a sweatshirt to 4DX features as they can get cold with all the water and wind.

War for the Planet of the Apes has pretty good 4DX effects (not as good as Spider-man though). I noticed they changed the smoke canons again with 2 canons more toward the center. More smoke needs to come out them (especially the right one). The 3D was nothing special and you can tell it was converted in post production. If you are a fan of The Planet of the Apes then the 4DX will certainly enhance your movie going experience.


Upgrading Your Pass to Include Volcano Bay

So here we go! We were reluctant to upgrade our passes for 3 months for $300. BUT we wanted to bring you the latest news and passholder information about Volcano Bay. We hope you enjoy our exclusive information and photos of Universal’s next generation water park. A big thanks to Orlando Graphics Company LLC for sponsoring this website.

  • You must be at the park to upgrade your pass.
  • You can upgrade your pass at customer service in Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure.
  • It is $99 to upgrade your pass or $149 for premiere passholders.
  • WARNING!!! Your upgrade price only lasts for the duration of your pass.

Learn More About Upgrading Your Pass

Rip Ride Rockit Secret Song List

Push and Hold the Rockit logo for 5 -10 seconds to bring up a number keypad. Enter in the 3 digit number for the hidden tracks. This happens fast so be ready!


101 – The Temples of Syrinx – (Rush)
102 – Blues Before & After – (The Smithereens)
103 – Break on Through – (The Doors)
104 – Crocodile Rock – (Elton John)
105 – Do it Again – (Steely Dan)
106 – Don’t You – (Candlebox)
107 – Drivin’ Rain – (Gov’t Mule)
108 – Eight Miles High – (The Byrds)
109 – Fantasy – (Aldo Nova)
110 – Fool – (Rollins Band)
111 – For The Love Of God – (Steve Vai)
112 – Free Bird – (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
113 – Immigrant Song – (Led Zeppelin)
114 – Just Because – (Jane’s Addiction)
115 – Live – (Lenny Kravitz)
116 – Mexicola – (Queens of the Stone Age)
117 – Rock instrumental
118 – Latin/jazz/funk instrumental
119 – Rock instrumental
120 – Rock instrumental
121 – Runnin’ Down a Dream – (Tom Petty)
122 – Start Me Up – (The Rolling Stones)
123 – Stockholm Syndrome – (Muse)
124 – Diary of Jane – (Breaking Benjamin)
125 – R&B/soul
126 – Rock instrumental
127 – Urgent – (Foreigner)
128 – Vertigo – (U2)
129 – Wheel in the Sky – (Journey)
130 – Won’t Get Fooled Again – (The Who)
131 – Klein Mandelbrot – (Blue Man Group)
132 – Drumbone – (Blue Man Group)

301 – Float On – (Modest Mouse)
302 – I Want You Back – (The Jackson Five)
303 – In My Pocket – (The Cat Empire)
304 – It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me – (Billy Joel)
305 – Brothers Gonna Work It Out – (Public Enemy)
306 – Lose Yourself – (Eminem)
307 – Ride Like The Wind – (Christopher Cross)
308 – Run to You – (Bryan Adams)
309 – Save Room – (John Legend)
310 – Vogue – (Madonna)
311 – You Make Loving Fun – (Fleetwood Mac)
312 – My Everything – (Barry White)

501 – Latin/jazz/rock instrumental)
502 – Country/bluegrass instrumental)
503 – Funk instrumental)
504 – Smokin Gun – (Robert Cray)
505 – Jazz instrumental
506 – The Thrill Is Gone – (B.B. King)
507 – Who Did You Think I Was – (John Mayer)
508 – Pivot – (Dry)

701 – Cyanide – (Metallica)
702 – Endangered Species – (Flaw)
703 – For Whom The Bell Tolls – (Metallica)
704 – Forever Down – (Black Label Society)
705 – How Heavy This Axe – (The Sword)
706 – Just One Fix – (Ministry)
707 – Know your Enemy – (Rage Against the Machine)
708 – Let’s Go – (Ministry)
709 – Mouth for War – (Pantera)
710 – Painkiller – (Judas Priest)
711 – Paranoid – (Black Sabbath)
712 – Temptation’s Wings – (Down)
713 – The Wicker Man – (Iron Maiden)
714 – Unreal – (Ill Nino)
715 – Wake Up Dead – (Megadeth)
716 – We Call This Mutha Revenge – (Suicidal Tendencies)
718 – You’ve Got Another Thing Comin – (Judas Priest)

901 – Moving Right Along – (The Muppets)
902 – The Rainbow Connection – (The Muppets)
903 – Your Attitude Towards Cuttlefish – (Paper Moon)
904 – Night on Bald Mountain – (Modest Mussorgsk)

Annabelle Creation 4DX Review

Annabelle creation is the follow up to the 2014 blockbuster “Annabelle”. The movie was created by the same team behind the first “Annabelle” and takes place in “The Conjuring” universe. The second installment is a prequel and follows the story of toy maker Sam Mullins and his wife Esther who lost there daughter in a tragic car accident 12 years ago. They invite a nun and six orphaned girls into there home after the orphanage was closed. One of the girls finds a doll named “Annabelle” hidden away. But evil is lurking in the toy makers doll who possesses the girl.

How was the movie?

I thought the first “Annabelle” was decent movie. But it was a little slow paced and it didn’t really scare me. The second installment “Annabelle Creation” was a little better than the first movie. It was still very slow paced but it did manage to provide some good scares. These type of movies are more about atmosphere and building up the suspense. The doll never even moves and it is just not that scary to me (the other stuff is fun and scary but not the doll). I am also a little confused how the doll came to be possessed and why it’s hidden away. The movie has a creepy atmosphere but the story and the characters need work. I know they’re trying to build up suspense but this movie is so quite at times you can hear a pin drop. If you are a fan of the first “Annabelle” or these type of movies then you will like “Annabelle Creation”. If you like your horror movies a little more intense and fast paced then I would skip it.

Was Annabelle Creation worth the 4DX price?

The 4DX effects in “Annabelle Creation” were good but a little underwhelming. Due to the setting of the movie there are no environmental effects except wind. When they did use the 4DX it was used subtly and effectively. Highlights include riding in the car on a dirt road. Some of my favorite 4DX effects are the small ones and it really felt like I was riding in the car. The camera work also included a lot of slow panning. The seats are synced to the movement so it feels like you are panning in a circle and up and down. This is one of my favorite and one of most immersive features of the 4DX seats. Of course there were also some good scares which is perfect for 4DX movies because it provides other elements to help scare you. The scares are one of the best reasons to see a horror movie in 4DX! I also liked the strobe effects for flashing light bulbs which helped create a creepy atmosphere. If you love these types of movies then the 4DX will be fun but not amazing!


Free Perks (possibly) at Universal Studios – Birthday Button

Don’t forget to grab your Birthday Button. You never know what will happen. I received some cool Mardi Gras beads from an employee, a free cookie, a ride again on The Mummy and tons of Birthday Wishes. You can get the Birthday Button at customer service at the beginning of both parks. But those are usually busy! You can also get them from the Universal customer service kiosks located throughout the park. There is 1 at Universal by Fear Factor Live. There are 2 in Islands, 1 by the Captain America Diner in Marvel Land and 1 in Jurassic Park across from River Adventure. Universal employees are available starting at 10:30 at the kiosks.

ALSO, you can get them at STARBUCKS! That’s where I got mine. (Although last time we went to Starbucks they didn’t have them).


Universal’s Coke Freestyle Cup Locations & Map

The Coke Freestyle Cups Universal program offers unlimited self-serve refills on your favorite Coke products with over 100 combinations. When you purchase a cup you get unlimited refills (every 10 minutes) for 24 hours. You can reactivate your cup at a discounted price for an additional 24 hours at the Coke Freestyle Machines.

  1. – Water is back!!! But you have to have an activated paid cup (ice is free though).
  2. – Cups have gone up ($16.99 when you buy one, $15.99 each if you buy 2, $13.99 each if you buy 3-6).
  3. – You can reactivate your cup for ($9.99 + tax).
  4. – You can also just refill your Freestyle Cup one time (at a stand or restaurant) for ($4.59 + tax).
  5. – Frozen Icees are now included. That includes Moose Juice, Goose Juice Icees in Seuss Land.
  6. – If your looking for unsweetened tea it moved to the Diet Fuze Tea!
  7. – VOLCANO BAY works the same! Use your old cup or buy a new Volcano Bay Freestyle Cup.
  8. – Don’t forget to use your PASSHOLDER DISCOUNT, it works on refills (passholder discounts are only available inside a restaurant).

Passholder Freestyle Cup

Passholders can buy an exclusive Coke Freestyle cup with the UOAP logo on it. Refills for the passholder cups are $1 cheaper at $8.99 +tax. We have heard reports that you can no longer use your passholder discount on the UOAP cup. You are still able to use your discount on the non UOAP cups.

Coke Freestyle Locations Universal Orlando

Universal Studios Coke Freestyle Location Map

Universal Coke Freestyle Locations
Universal Studio Coke Freestyle Locations

Islands of Adventure Coke Freestyle Location Map

Universal Coke Freestyle Locations
Universal Studio Coke Freestyle Locations

• Mel’s Drive-In
• Louie’s Italian Restaurant
• Richter’s Burger Co.
• Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Café
• Monsters Café Stand – (outside)
• Icee Cart in World Expo – (outside near the bridge to Simpsons Land)
• Kid Zone Pizza Co. – (outside behind Woody Woodpecker statue)
• The Indoor Coke Freestyle Refreshment Station – (by Men in Black)
• Drink stand across from the Indoor Coke Station – (outside by Men in Black)
• San Francisco Pastry Shop – (outside by Lombard’s Seafood Grille)

• Lemon Slush Stand – (outside across from Confisco Grille in Port Entry)
• Captain America Diner – (Marvel Land)
• Comic Strip Café – (Toon Lagoon)
• Circus McGurkus Café Stoo-pendous – (Seuss Landing)
• Moose Juice, Goose Juice – (outside Seuss Landing)
• The Burger Digs – (Jurassic Park)
• The Watering Hole – (outside Jurassic Park)
• Pizza Predattoria – (outside Jurassic Park)
• Cool Bones across from Thunder Falls Terrace – (outside Jurassic Park)
• Oasis Coolers / Doc Sugrue’s Kebab House – (outside The Lost Continent)

Exclusive Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure Flavors
“Gamma Green Limeade Punch” is a sweet lime flavored soda.
“Orange Chill” is the great taste of Coca-Cola with a hint of orange.

• Kohola Reef Restaurant & Social Club
• Bambu Jungle Kitchen
• Whakawaiwai Eats

Exclusive Volcano Bay Flavor
The “Kunuku Cooler” is a mixed berry flavored soda.

What is our Favorite Freestyle Flavor?

We are not big soda fans so we always go for the flavored iced tea. They are really good and not too sweet like most of the sodas. Our favorite Freestyle flavor is the Raspberry Peach Fuze Tea.

NEW Freestyle Flavors

The Universal Freestyle Machines are now offering 5 flavors of the NEW Minute Maid Sparkling Lemonades. Flavors include sparkling lemonade, limeade, fruit punch, mixed berry and tropical citrus. These are basically Carbonated flavored lemonade soda.

Check out our Top 10 Pro Tips for your trip to Universal Studios!

Coke Freestyle Locations Universal Orlando
Coke Freestyle Cups Universal

Jigsaw 4DX Review

10 years after the death of John Cramer (Jigsaw), dead bodies start showing up that look Suspicially like the work of Jigsaw. Once again a group of unsuspecting wrongdoers must play a sadistic game to save their lives. Who is behind these gruesome crimes and how can they be stopped?

How was the movie?

I liked the first couple SAW movies and thought they were unique and intense. But then they started releasing one every Halloween and the concept was basically the same movie over and over. The last saw movie was Saw 3D: The Final Chapter in 2010. This is the 8th SAW movie and it’s very much the same formula with really nothing new to offer. What else can I say? I’ts another SAW movie. But if you loved all the other SAW movies, then you will like Jigsaw.

Was Jigsaw 4DX worth the price?

I wasn’t excited about another SAW film but it’s in 4DX so we thought we would give Jigsaw 4DX a shot. The 4DX effects were good but I thought they could have been used way more. I also miss the 3D! Saw 3D: The Final Chapter was actually shot in 3D and had good 3D effects. None of the 4DX effects really stood out for me. Except for the water sprays that mimic blood splatters which is one of the best effects for gory horror movies. But they could have used that more frequently too. It is a fun thrill ride but I feel like I’ve been there and done that. On a side note, the smoke canons were just maintenanced. But the right cannon still wasn’t working right. And once again no scents! I wish they would actually utilize this feature and I’m beginning to wonder if they ever use it. The movie is the same as every other SAW movie and the 4DX was a little underwhelming. I would say save your money on Jigsaw 4DX.

CityWalk Universal Studios Orlando

CityWalk at night converts to an amazing dining, nightlife and entertainment destination!

Universal Studios Orlando CityWalk

CityWalk Club Party Pass

If you like to enjoy the nightlife at Universal Studios you will need to pay cover charge or buy a PARTY PASS to enter some clubs! Learn everything about the CityWalk clubs and who charges cover and prices.
Learn More about the CityWalk Club Party Pass

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