The Coke Freestyle Cups Universal program offers unlimited self-serve refills on your favorite Coke products with over 100 combinations. When you purchase a cup you get unlimited refills (every 10 minutes) for 24 hours. You can reactivate your cup at a discounted price for an additional 24 hours at the Coke Freestyle Machines.

  1. – Water is back!!! But you have to have an activated paid cup (ice is free though).
  2. – Cups have gone up ($16.99 when you buy one, $15.99 each if you buy 2, $13.99 each if you buy 3-6).
  3. – You can reactivate your cup for ($9.99 + tax).
  4. – You can also just refill your Freestyle Cup one time (at a stand or restaurant) for ($4.59 + tax).
  5. – Frozen Icees are now included. That includes Moose Juice, Goose Juice Icees in Seuss Land.
  6. – If your looking for unsweetened tea it moved to the Diet Fuze Tea!
  7. – VOLCANO BAY works the same! Use your old cup or buy a new Volcano Bay Freestyle Cup.
  8. – Don’t forget to use your PASSHOLDER DISCOUNT, it works on refills (passholder discounts are only available inside a restaurant).

Passholder Freestyle Cup

Passholders can buy an exclusive Coke Freestyle cup with the UOAP logo on it. Refills for the passholder cups are $1 cheaper at $8.99 +tax. We have heard reports that you can no longer use your passholder discount on the UOAP cup. You are still able to use your discount on the non UOAP cups.

Coke Freestyle Locations Universal Orlando

Universal Studios Coke Freestyle Location Map

Universal Coke Freestyle Locations
Universal Studio Coke Freestyle Locations

Islands of Adventure Coke Freestyle Location Map

Universal Coke Freestyle Locations
Universal Studio Coke Freestyle Locations

• Mel’s Drive-In
• Louie’s Italian Restaurant
• Richter’s Burger Co.
• Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Café
• Monsters Café Stand – (outside)
• Icee Cart in World Expo – (outside near the bridge to Simpsons Land)
• Kid Zone Pizza Co. – (outside behind Woody Woodpecker statue)
• The Indoor Coke Freestyle Refreshment Station – (by Men in Black)
• Drink stand across from the Indoor Coke Station – (outside by Men in Black)
• San Francisco Pastry Shop – (outside by Lombard’s Seafood Grille)

• Lemon Slush Stand – (outside across from Confisco Grille in Port Entry)
• Captain America Diner – (Marvel Land)
• Comic Strip Café – (Toon Lagoon)
• Circus McGurkus Café Stoo-pendous – (Seuss Landing)
• Moose Juice, Goose Juice – (outside Seuss Landing)
• The Burger Digs – (Jurassic Park)
• The Watering Hole – (outside Jurassic Park)
• Pizza Predattoria – (outside Jurassic Park)
• Cool Bones across from Thunder Falls Terrace – (outside Jurassic Park)
• Oasis Coolers / Doc Sugrue’s Kebab House – (outside The Lost Continent)

Exclusive Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure Flavors
“Gamma Green Limeade Punch” is a sweet lime flavored soda.
“Orange Chill” is the great taste of Coca-Cola with a hint of orange.

• Kohola Reef Restaurant & Social Club
• Bambu Jungle Kitchen
• Whakawaiwai Eats

Exclusive Volcano Bay Flavor
The “Kunuku Cooler” is a mixed berry flavored soda.

What is our Favorite Freestyle Flavor?

We are not big soda fans so we always go for the flavored iced tea. They are really good and not too sweet like most of the sodas. Our favorite Freestyle flavor is the Raspberry Peach Fuze Tea.

NEW Freestyle Flavors

The Universal Freestyle Machines are now offering 5 flavors of the NEW Minute Maid Sparkling Lemonades. Flavors include sparkling lemonade, limeade, fruit punch, mixed berry and tropical citrus. These are basically Carbonated flavored lemonade soda.

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Coke Freestyle Locations Universal Orlando
Coke Freestyle Cups Universal

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